We're making a movie...

And we're crowdsourcing


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The Plan

The Penn State community is invited to contribute to a short film based completely on audience participation. Every aspect of production—from story development, to acting, to sound effects—will be on full display in the Borland Project Space and throughout campus. Stop by to contribute an idea, record a line of dialogue, or follow the production every step of the way as filmmaking is transformed into a transparent and interactive process.

The resulting short film will be edited by artist and Penn State faculty Benjamin Andrew and screened later in the year, displaying the genre-bending efforts of its participants. Each character will be played by dozens of ordinary people, using props and context to maintain the story dispite the experimental editing. If it sounds crazy, the following test video should give you an idea of how the final film will look.

Get involved

Writing on whiteboard


Stop by the gallery during the first week of the project to contribute story ideas for the movie. Even if you’re a terrible writer, you can suggest character names, themes, motivations, and cool locations on campus. We’ll break down the screenwriting process into simple pieces, but we need you to come in person to write things down!

Foley artists


Our team will record video of participants acting out scenes and lines of dialogue throughout the following weeks. There will be no judgements about acting talent—the point is to have ordinary people participating. It’s easy! You can say one line or just wave your arms around depending on what scene we’re shooting.

Foley artists


While production occurs in the gallery and around campus, the video footage will be on display in the gallery. As “rough edits” of scenes play on a projector, participants will be needed to record foley sound effects using a variety of household objects. We may also need some voice-overs to be recorded. Instructions will be provided, no experience necessary.

Special Events

In the Borland Project Space

Inside the Writer's Room

Thursday October 19, 5:00-6:00pm
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Join filmmakers and writers in a community writing experiment: to outline the plot of a short film in one hour or less. Stop by the Borland Project Space beforehand to contribute character names, ideas, and things you’d like to see in a local movie; then—during this event—participants will weave a cohesive story out of these crowd-sources ideas. Classic writing techniques and plot structures will be put to the test in preparation for filming to begin the following week.

Movie Making for Everyone

Wednesday October 25, 12:00-1:00pm
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A short film is being produced in the Borland Project Space, and we need your help! As a filmmaking experiment, the film is a crowd-sourced production whose story and scenes are created by untrained participants. Production is ongoing, but join us for this one hour showcase of the process: say a line of dialogue, pretend to be an alien, or simply learn how to shoot a movie as we discuss cinematography, foley sound effects, and production tips.

Reception & Jam Session

Wednesday November 1, 4:30-6:00pm
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Celebrate the end of production with a public reception in the gallery. Guests will also be invited to contribute to the film’s score as we set up digital and acoustic instruments for impromptu recording. Those in attendance can offer feedback and suggestions for original music, or suggest pop songs to include as we segue into a wrap party with music.


Mon 10/16
Tus 10/17
Wed 10/18
Thu 10/19
Fri 10/20
Sat 10/21
Sun 10/22
In the gallery
STORY WRITING8:30-4:30 daily
Inside the Writer's Room5-6pm
Gallery Closed
Around campus
Mon 10/23
Tus 10/24
Wed 10/25
Thu 10/26
Fri 10/27
Sat 10/28
Sun 10/29
Around campus
FILMINGVarious Locations10~5 daily
Mon 10/30
Tus 10/31
Wed 11/1
Thu 11/2
Fri 11/3
Sat 11/4
Sun 11/5
Around campus
FilmingVarious locations10-5 daily

Join the project

Visit the Gallery

The Borland Project Space is on the first floor of the Borland building in room 125.

Gallery hours are 8:30am-5:00pm, Monday-Friday.

Filming locations will posted on Instagram each day during production. So follow us for the latest details on where to participate.

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